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From urban products and commuter to racing and performance, Digital WorldBike brings together the cycling industry brands in an all-encompassing show.


As an exhibitor you have the opportunity to present and inform participants about your latest products and technologies for cycling professionals and fans. Digital WorldBike exhibition features a variety of small and large brands as well as associations and agencies that are making an impact on cycling, mobility and safety worldwide.

How does it work?

Digital WorldBike offers an interactive virtual exhibition hall, where exhibitors choose between a template-based booth or an individualized booth designed to align with your corporate identity. At your booth, flyers, brochures, videos and links are integrated and made available for download. Furthermore, we provide you with personalized avatars standing behind the booth to welcome visitors. Participants have access to all uploaded content and can interact with you via chat. Our platform is user-friendly, easy to update and we provide online training sessions for booth staff to make sure you are comfortable and ready for your event!

What the crowd is saying

Highly recommend Digital WorldBike! tons of mobility related content all free.

Mary P.
SalesForce manager